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DJI Ronin-S

This is the newest gimbal from DJI. Same great gimbal action as the larger Ronin family the Ronin-S is a bit more compact and nimble. It is perfect when all you need is a stable and quick moving camera with no bells and whistles. It does have focus control if needed but when using the Canon 5D MK4 it can be an autofocus one hand unit. When attaching it to a monopod you can also use it for high angle shots. Time lapse and remote control using the DJI remote control unit is also possible. For more features watch the video in the link below.

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SmallHD 1703 P3X

This 17" monitor rivals OLED with Incredible color accuracy and daylight viewability. V-mount battery bracket and Rapid Rail system.

Input: 2x SDI, HDMI
Output: 2x SDI, HDMI
Display: 17-inch, 1920x1080, 900nits

SmallHD 702 Bright

The SmallHD 702 Bright is sharpest daylight viewable field monitor available.  This 7 inch monitor has 1000nits and is a full 1920x1080. Along with its exceptional brightness, the LCD panel features optically bonded glass with anti-reflective coating. Housed in aircraft aluminum, the monitor can work off of Canon LP-E6 or Sony L Series batteries.  HDMI and SDI in/out, LUTs, Focus and Exposure tools and more.

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DJI Ronin-M Gimbal

This compact gimbal is perfect for any shoot.  We use it with the Canon 5D MKIV and auto focus activated.  This combination makes for quick and easy grab N go shooting.  If needed, the gimbal can support an external monitor, like our 702 Bright, and also a wireless focus system, like our DJI Focus.  All the accessories can be powered on board using the gimbals battery and the D-tap ports built in the the base of the unit.

DJI Focus

The DJI Focus is a sleek and easy wireless follow focus unit.  The beauty of this system is that the motor is also the motor driver.  Set up is quick since you only have to position and power the motor.  It comes with 2 lengths of Lemo to D-Tap for power.  The hand unit has an incredible 14 hour battery life. Multiple ways to calibrate including a hand calibrate for DSLR lenses make set up easy.

Eye Direct Mk2

The EyeDirect is a device that guarantees eye contact from any subject, regardless of age or mood. It guarantees an authentic connection. By using 2 mirrors, a “periscope” is created to draw the subject’s attention to waht is refelcted behind the camera, usually the interviewer.  It requires no elecricity and is simple to use.

Dana Dolly Track

The track is designed to be assembled with the provided T wrench, using the track splicers in the middle, and the end adapters on the outsides with common 3/8-16 bolts. The seams are offset so no wheel crosses the seam at the same time.  The kit can be built to 3', 6', or 9' and comes in a convenient rolling hard case.

Dana Dolly

In response to the need for something longer than a slider but more portable than a Peewee, BLUE MOON LIGHTING is excited to bring you the DANA DOLLY.  This dolly can be used along any length of pipe.  The versatile track ends open wide and can handle a variety of pipe sizes, including standard speed rail.   They can be set onto standard Junior receivers or used on Baby pins.  If your move needs to be lower, simply turn the track ends upside down and place them on the ground.  This solid dolly comes with standard Mitchell mount, but includes a 100mm and a 75mm adapter.

Oconnor 1030D Tripod Kit

The Oconnor 1030D has the same smooth action you expect from the larger heads.  It has a 30lbs payload and a +/-90 degree tilt.  With our large Euopean base plate you are assured of a snug fit and solid, wide base. Paired with our carbon fiber 2-stage legs this is solid tripod kit that is still portable enough for any shoot.

Easy Rig 2.5

The Easyrig 2.5 200N Stabilizing Camera Support is a cost effective system that can be used with small film and video cameras. With its ergonomic design, the Easyrig 2.5 redistributes the camera's weight from the neck and shoulder muscles to parts of the body--such as the hips and legs--that can more easily support it.

Induro High Hat

This little high hat is a great product.  It is 100mm and is super strong. It has 3 leg positions to allow it to go super low, and each leg also extends.  This is the perfect high hat if you are expecting uneven ground.

Manfrotto Monopod 562-B

I know this is just a monopod, but this one is well done.  It extends using 3 risers and the fluid action on the bottom works really well.

Oconnor 515 Fluid Head

This is an exceptionally well built head. You get the quality you expect from Oconnor in a small compact size. It comes with Miller legs

Kessler CineSlider

This compact slider comes with everything you will need.  The kit includes the 100mm Hercules 2.0 head, quick release plate, all terrain leveling legs and Manfrotto head to mount to your camera.

Panasonic 17" LH1710P HD/SDI/DVI-D

  • 1280 x 768 Resolution (WXGA)

  • Cine-gamma (Film-Rec) compensation function for use with cameras including the Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 and AJ-HPX2700 P2 HD VariCam camcorders and the AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema Camera

  • Waveform monitor and vectorscope displays all picture lines (via HD-SDI / SDI input)

  • Durable, die cast aluminum frame

  • Quiet operation (No cooling fan)


The DP6’s 5.6 inch screen has a screen density of 270 pixels-per-inch, delivering HD at a stunning 1280x800 resolution. This fact alone makes this monitor the smallest HD monitor available. Simply put this means you truly see what you get, so there are no surprises in the editing room. Now with SDI in/out.

Green Screen

Available in various sizes. Also a 15x15. This larger size is also great for location shoots.

Porta Jib Traveler

This is a very compact jib arm.  Its unique telescopic design allows it to work in constricted areas and also extend to create a dramtic 6 foot lift.  It comes with carrying cases, tripod and wheels.

Hostess Tray

With the hostess tray, the camera can be mounted on either the front or back, driver or passenger side window.  The tray can be adjusted up or down.  Set up time is quick,  fits any size camera package.

Speed Rail Kit

The Speed Rail Kit can be mounted just about anywhere on anything.  Some examples include car hoods, trunks, roofs, lawn mowers, go-carts, boats, tractors, buses and trains.


The Intel-A-Jib requires no tools to build.  Its simple design allows it to be built to 6', 10', or 14' lengths quickly.  It can handle any camera from DSLR on up to IMAX.  The jib comes with a pedestal base complete with wheels.  Standard Mitchell mount can easily be adapted to 100mm.

Talon Remote Head

The Talon Remote Head is a simple easy to use remote head and a powerful motion control rig. When used as a traditional remote head, the operator can control the camera via a joystick, pan-bar or using wheels.  The controls of the head are fully customizable for perfect touch and feel.  If motion control is needed the head can be memorized, frame accurate, for pan and tilt as well as lens controls using the Talon FIZ unit.  The head is mitchell mounted onto a jib arm or any other gear desired.